Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm melting...melting...

Oh wait, that line would make me the evil one... What did the good witch say??? Did she ever say anything? Oh right, something about ruby slippers. Red shoes, my kinda witch!

Wow, where did that come from? This heat must be affecting my mind. I can see my inline comments now "where did all these flying monkeys come from?" Back to the heat, imagine this - the air conditioning is out in our tower. I'm on the 7th floor. Thankfully heat rises and I'm no higher than 7. On the other hand, we're at 31 degrees in here right now and climbing. I even sacrificed my view when the sun started to peek out. There's only about a thousand people in the tower... I think I need to call our server guys and see if they'll let me borrow their air conditioner for awhile. Either that or go buy a bathrobe and some slippers and pretend I'm at a spa (thanks to a friend for that suggestion).

I wonder what how few clothes I could wear and still qualify as business casual? Somehow I doubt a bathrobe would do it.

I finally check the weather in the morning and in light of the predicted showers and 18 degree high, I felt a light sweater wasn't out of line - and it meant I didn't have to iron anything. Don't tell anyone, but I'm not sure where my ironing board is. I know, kinda a big thing to misplace...

I wonder if anyone would notice if I curled up under my desk for a nap. Or broke a window. Or just went home. There's a reason I keep my house at about 18 degrees. The way the day is going, we're going to double that in the office. Hmmm, think about curling... being on the ice.... I wonder if yelling "hurry hard" would tip people off that I'm fantasizing? Or give them the wrong idea about said fantasy?

Curling. It's only June 8th and I'm already wishing I was back on the ice. Three nights a week this year if all goes as planned :) Although the Friday night league makes it harder to curl in bonspiels. Or go home for the weekend.

Maybe it's that love of pressure that makes me procrastinate at work. On the ice I love it when it comes down to a tough draw to score. I'm not so happy when it usually means I'm looking at 3 or 4 scored by the wrong guys when I miss. But I've made some pretty impressive shots when I've had to, even when my team thinks I'm nuts. Maybe that's why I'm the crazy one.

See, the heat is getting to me. Talking about curling of all things. But, hey, I feel better.


At 3:58 PM , Blogger The Igloo Coder said...

So I've gone from Smart-Assed BC friend to just a friend?...And after suggesting that you turn your cube into a sauna? I feel so ripped off.....last advice I give you <turns away in a huff>


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