Friday, June 10, 2005

Maybe not so sweet and innocent

Well, I managed to shake the ground under a certain igloo this fine morning. Left the poor boy a little speechless for a moment.

I'll be honest, there are parts of me that I don't reveal often. Things that would shock a lot of people about the sweet, innocent Saskatchewan farm girl. It's not like what I said was anything earth shattering. Heck, I'm a tad surprised it had the effect it did. It's not like I confessed to running a profitable escort service in my spare time. Although that might help pay the bills once in awhile. Or at least provide money for retail therapy. But alas, that isn't the news.

It was a simple, innocent comment about the reasons I enjoy hockey so much. Let's leave it at that since the details of the revelation may have many of you re-evaluating your opinion of me.

We managed a discussion about geeks and their quirks. Apparently mine is a love of sports. Ok, people, stop laughing. Let's just go with that. Fine, I know about the existance of Darth Tater - and I find it amusing. The rest of my quirks....well, they're better learned about over time, not all at once in some kind of Blogger confessional.

Wow, in the midst of all this talking and thinking, one might wonder how I managed an early morning meeting with my project manager as well as fixing most of the issues in the project. Two left (as far as I'm aware). I need something to do after lunch besides nap.

Oh, lunch...Gotta run!


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