Monday, June 20, 2005

Serial Killer near Edmonton

In my search for news on the flooding happening throughout Alberta, a headline on the CFCN website caught my eye. "Serial Killer at work near Edmonton." Wow, I thought to myself. Then... Really??? I guess I should pay more attention to the news. So I click on the headline thinking this might be something I need to know about.

Ummm, kinda. If I were a prostitute. Now, because of these killings, my most frequent joke with my friends is that I could end up dead in a field near Sherwood Park if I go on a date with the wrong guy. Perhaps I jumped to conclusions, but this just seemed like it could be the work of one person. All prostitutes... common dumping area... but who am I to say.

The funny part... the really, really funny part... is that the profile of said serial killer is pretty short. And based on the description... could be my ex.

"The RCMP's Behavioural Science Branch in Ottawa says the killer is likely a man who drives a truck or sport utility vehicle.

He may be seen washing it at odd hours of the day and may be an outdoorsman who likes to hunt, fish, or farm."

Well, ok, the washing the truck at odd hours of the day doesn't fit. But the rest. Heck, this is Alberta folks. The rest of the description describes roughly half of the male population. More if you leave the city and head to rural areas. Perhaps the Behavioural Scientists should come visit the province and see just how little information that description really gives us out here in the west.

Sigh, likely a man who drives a truck or SUV. *chuckle* Outdoorsman who likes to hunt, fish or farm. Wow, my family just became outdoorsmen. Oh wait... truck, farmers... it could be THEM. Oh, right, they live in Saskatchewan.

All right Albertans, raise your hand if you are a male and drive a truck or SUV... now how about you if you don't fit the description, but know at least one person who does. Yeah, thought so.


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