Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Cell phone vs home phone

I've had a request. Zig (better known as Ryna) has been asking what makes a person decide to either have a home phone or just a cell phone. He knows I've recently made this decision myself. Well, he's more than likely laughing at me for making the decision twice. I didn't make a wrong decision... I just decided, re-evaluated and decided again. Because I'm never wrong. (zip it, evil twin ;))

So, the phone decision. Financially, it didn't make sense to me to have two phone lines. Especially at the rates telus charges - eep! So I figured I needed my cell phone for travelling to and from the great flat land, so it only made sense to keep that phone and cancel the land line. Bell even offers unlimited weekend long distance - perfect for calling friends and family - for $5/month. So I made my decision and I moved.

I moved into a two story condo.... with the garage in the basement. And I hate wearing my cell phone. I bump into walls and doors enough, and I heal. My cell phone doesn't heal so well and after a few bumps and bruises, it's not going to be happy. So I started leaving it around the house. If I was downstairs, I'd leave it on the kitchen table. Up in the bedroom, it was likely on a night table or the dresser.

And I have a short memory sometimes. So I'd leave the phone on one floor and wander around the house. IF I heard it ring, I'd have a mad dash up or down stairs to try to get to the thing before voicemail kicked in. That is, if I didn't trip and injure myself on the way.

So, I caved. I called Telus and set up a home phone for me again. This way I have my 2 cordless phone - one per floor, should I remember to keep it that way. So my decision is one based completely in convenience rather than financial responsibility.


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