Monday, June 27, 2005

My search for camping gear

Being exhausted at work and having a cold are a bad combination. Even all the advil and coffee aren't helping me much. But...I need camping gear. And a significant amount of it at that. I'd like a camp stove, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and backpack...for starters. Thankfully, I have a tent, but somehow the rest of the camping stuff stayed in the 5th wheel. Oh, a cooler would be good too.

I figure the sleeping back and backpack are required for my trip to calgary/banff in July. Camp stove - would be nice, but I'll survive if I don't have one. Hmmm, Darcy used to have extras, I should check with him or mom and dad to see if they have one I could have. Woo hoo - camping!

oh, right there was a point to this and it wasn't...whatever point I may have made to this point. It was the availability of camping supplies online. MEC and Camper's Village both have online catalogues. Now the only remaining question is - do I trust myself with an axe?


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