Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My insanity has a limit

I figure I'll do my next toastmaster's speech in August. I've decided on a topic - hiking - and I just need to do some. I kinda figured I'd have a little power point presentation done up with some of my pictures from hikes I've been on. The problem is, I want pictures from the Ink Pots down in Banff. I sadly have none.

I do, however, have a week planned in the calgary area. Perfect opportunity to get out there and get some pictures. I'll probably do more than one hike, but the ink pots is pretty intense. So I figured I'd spend a night out in Banff. And well, since I was planning to overpay for a hotel room anyway, might as well REALLY splurge and check out the Banff Springs. Or so the theory went.

Off I went to the Fairmont Hotels website and I picked a mid-week night - because it'd be cheaper you know... Hit "get rooms and rates" and waited. Excitedly anticipating a luxurious hotel room to rest in after I complete my hikes. Finally, the site returns room rates for me and I'm SURE there's been a mistake. I was looking for ONE room for ONE night. I blink a couple times and think... hmmm, must've listed highest priced first. I scroll down. Nope, that's not what they did.

One room, for one night, mid-week in mid-July.... $639. That's more than a "splurge."

I figure the ink pots hike is half way to lake louise, what the heck, let's check out the Chateau Lake Louise. I let it chug away for a bit on the search and it comes back with a more reasonable $429. Who'd have ever thought I'd say THAT about a hotel room????? Let's just say no hotels were booked in the making of this blog.

Although... curiousity got the better of me and I had to snoop further into this hotel rate thing. What if I book a room in mid-October at Lake Louise. Thankfully this rate didn't make me fall out of my chair $249 a night. One might actually find me out in Lake Louise in Mid-October. But certainly NOT in mid-July.


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