Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Just a little busy...

I swear it's only a week that I took off. I came back to 12 calls in the queue waiting for me. Well, what the heck, it made me feel important. My house is a disaster and if I don't get my act together, my cats are going to be eating my food since they're almost out.

All right, I'm done whining now. Not sure if I mentioned it, but my new furniture arrived before I left on vacation. It looks great, but I need to get my living room cleaned up and organized. The good news - I've figured out how to arrange it. TV on the fireplace and a couple corner shelves placed above that for the VCR/DVD/Cable. I'm even thinking a nice set of doors would look good since I don't watch my TV that much sometimes. And it'd be nice to have it hidden away if people come to visit. Now to convince my dad and/or brother to build it for me :-D They have nothing better to do this winter...right?

I attended a "Time Management" lunch and learn yesterday. Heh. Apparently I'm not nearly busy enough. At the same time, I never seem to get done what I want to get done. So the first rule - prioritize your goals. Well, my #1 goal... travel. So last night after Coffee with Sushi Boy, I went home to dream some more about using my one remaining week of vacation for a trip to Victoria (for those that aren't keeping track, I get three weeks. One's used, one is booked for Halifax and the third is still open). I figure I could easily do it for about $700 hotel and flight. Not for a WHOLE week, just Sunday to thursday.

But then I did the math on my Halifax trip. Sure the curling tickets are paid for, but between 10 nights in a hotel and flights, plus a generous amount tossed in for food (and liquid refreshments)... it's going to be about $2000. So in the next two months, I need to figure out how much I can really save (so much for new hikers & DVD player!). If I can do both trips, I will. Otherwise, it's halifax this year. And yes, I really think I can save that much money in 4 months. Call me crazy... or call me a geek with no life.

The good news is this means I'm eating breakfast at home and taking lunch to work. Should help with the weight loss :-) I'm even refraining from drinking wine. However.... in two weeks I have a certain anniversary to commemorate. Good or bad, I'm doing it with wine.

I saw an ad this morning for part time call centre work. Now, part time work would be great if I had something to do with the rest of my day. Then I thought about picking up a possible second job and it'd be great if I could get one evenings and weekends. Then I'd have no problem affording both trips. getting time off for them might be another story. And having time to do my volunteering which I've been neglecting but will get back to. Actually, I'm getting back to it this weekend :)

All right, I'm done babbling. Have to get to work.


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