Thursday, July 07, 2005

the project from... BC

And I'd been so quiet for so long. Oh well. Just a short little rant about the stupidity of other people. Remember that project? The one I spent some time ranting about, it ran longer than it should have and was basically a pain in the butt?

Well, the changes were re-released today. Woo Hoo, project over, right? Apparently not. It worked when I put it into production. Happy Happy... Joy Joy. then at about 11:30, I get a phone call from my project manager who's clearly checking the our team's queue. "Did you see that call in the queue?" Well, as I go to check the queue, my pager goes off because it's a high priority call. Don't get me started on why she's monitoring our queue for us all of a sudden. Especially when she's sooooo busy all on her own.

So off I go to find out why what once worked is now broken. First stop, server-type guys. I manage to catch one of them before he heads for lunch and get him to poke around and make sure the HTTP task is still running, stuff like that. He suggests that perhaps there was a replication from the south and, lo and behold, there it is. Yep, around 11am, our hub server received a large number of changes. We check the template it's set to refresh from - the South version. Ooops. Now I KNOW that wasn't set to that last night, or even this morning. Meaning someone changed it and forced a design refresh. Or someone in the south forced a refresh that shouldn't have happened.

Either way, not my fault. So I call my PM and update her. Thinking woo hoo, problem solved, not my fault. Apparently I'm wrong. And so is our server guy. My PM tells me there is no replica on the houston servers. They'd have to make that change on our server and they don't have access to do that. Well, I'm just telling her what I was told by the server guy. I don't understand why everything has to be a big freaking fight with her. Whatever I tell her is wrong. This is why I tend to let my teammate deal with her. When he's around. Darned vacations.


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