Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I've been a bit quiet lately on here. Not sure why I'm short things to say. Well, I have things to say, but some won't get published until after I return from my vacation for various reasons - one of which is the fact that I'd rather not openly publish what amounts to my itinerary prior to my trip. Afterwards, oh well. I'm not there anymore.

Another reason is I've been busy. Ok, I've just been avoiding my computer. Preparation for my trip has consumed some of my time, as has work and trying to fit in everything I want to do in a day. I'm getting back into a regular yoga practice (yay!) which is really helping my sleep. I'm catching up on some reading I wanted to do. I'm trying to get more involved in things like my toastmaster's group, as well as pursuing other interests. My volunteering, however, has dropped off significantly which is disappointing.

And now I'm distracted by a really cool storm cloud hovering over my little corner of the world. Good thing I came prepared with my columbia jacket. Which I've discovered isn't completely waterproof. But it'll do.

My life is going well. Really good in fact. I'm doing new things, trying to conquer a few of my fears in the process. I've found it far too easy to hide behind my fears for too long. So now I'm forcing myself to just deal with stuff and get over it. When it comes to the big picture, my life is pretty small and insignificant. My problems minor compared to those in other parts of the world. Had this conversation with a friend last night. The reality of life for women (and men) in other parts of the world. Traditions, myths and a lack of respect for people in general that we don't have to worry about so much here in North America. Our freedom, security and peace are things that we often take for granted.

Think back to your reaction on 9/11.

For me, that day was filled with disbelief and a huge lack of comprehension of the footprint western "civilization" has left in other parts of the world. I couldn't understand why people would want to do that. I'd led my safe little life in my safe little world where we apologize for bumping into someone on the street. We open doors for fellow citizens regardless of race or religion. I take for granted the ability to walk safely to and from bus stops. My freedom to wear shorts in stifling heat. I own a car and a house. I had the ability to choose a career path for myself and follow that where it lead. Never expected it to be Edmonton, but here I am.

I can choose my religion, or choose not to participate. I can keep my faith quiet, or let it be known. I can vote. We express frustration that often our voices aren't heard in Ottawa, but we aren't nearly thankful enough that our government doesn't kill it's own citizens for not falling in line. Don't get me wrong, I fully believe our elected representatives owe us at least the courtesy of listening to our concerns and considering them.

Oh, great. That storm I'm watching meander through the sky comes complete with a severe thunderstorm watch. Wind, hail, heavy rain. The usual. Should make the afternoon commute fun interesting. It is quite entertaining watching the clouds develop and change.

Work? What work?


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