Friday, July 22, 2005


I don't want this blog to become a political place. But I felt a need to post something about the bombings in London. It happened again yesterday. Same people? People hoping to leverage fear created by the first, and much more lethal bombings? Does it matter?

It's easy for me to sit in my little cubicle overlooking a parkade and the river valley in a Canadian city and say "don't give in to the fear," when to this point Canada hasn't been targetted for this kind of terrorist attack. If I lived in London...or New York, or any US city, would I still be as comfortable stepping onto the LRT or the bus for my daily commute? Or would I turn to my car in fear, paying a higher price to park downtown, not to mention the ridiculous gas prices?

I admire the Londoners who refuse to give in to fear. Who don't change their daily schedules and lives. The ones who show the true "stiff upper lip" attitude of the British people.

It truly sucks that there are people in the world who glory in causing death and destruction. I feel for innocent, or even not so innocent people, who are making their way to or from work who get caught in something as basically ugly as this. There is no good, no beauty, in a terrorist act. It accomplishes no real purpose and only breeds anger and hate on both sides.

So keep that stiff upper lip, wherever you are, however you are involved. I commend you, I feel for you.


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