Wednesday, July 27, 2005

99 bottles of wine on the wall..

99 bottles of wine...

Yeah, I wish. Nope, just one. One sad little bottle of white wine in my fridge. ooops, white zinfandel. A california rose. And it's now empty. I'd love to tell you how it tasted, but.. I didn't savour it.

I'm having a bad night. LOL, yep, the girl who had the confidence just last night to flirt with rugby and hockey teams is terrified tonight. And what has scared this strong single women? The prospect of her ex on a date. My backup plan, my safety net is gone.

For whatever reason (fear) these last few days have been hard for me. Hard, what an understatement. The situation prompted Robyn to drive up here to visit. It prompted a night out last night like I've never had before. It's prompted phone calls that I regret to my ex. It's prompted a bottle of wine to help me sleeep tonight.

Total fear. Something I don't remember feeling before. I used to numb myself with food. Try to cover the pain with doritos. I'm avoiding that now. Oh, wait.. I used alcohol instead. Maybe I'm not so far ahead.

Well, i think it's bed time for me. I've had too many sleepless nights.


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