Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Happy Panties are Easy Panties"

No, I'm not advocating this statement. Nor am I saying if you make me laugh I'll go to bed with you. But I had the greatest time last night. And it has nothing to do panties.

Robyn, Nicky and I headed out to Taste of Edmonton last night. As the rain started we were just about fed up with the crowds anyway. In the downpour, we decided to go for a "couple drinks" and they looked to me to pick a place. Well, the only one I knew of nearby was a place frequented by a certain igloo dweller. So off we went to Sherlock Holmes.

We decided to go for a second round and as our drinks arrived, so did the entertainment for the evening. He was cute and he flirted with our table so what the heck, we stayed for a third round.... and a fourth... Well, at some point our table was joined by mullet wearing Scots. They were fake mullets.... wigs. And the one wore a Scottish tam with red hair attached - this was Brian Lyall. He came with an "interpreter". And together they kept us laughing for quite awhile. They joined us because one of the guys with them wanted to come talk to us but was too scared to on his own. He never did come over. That's where the title of my blog comes from. The Scotsman mumbled something about us laughing and the "interpreter" said that little line. We learned later they were a rugby team here for the World Masters games. They left for another bar since they didn't like our 60's, 70's and 80's music playing entertainer.

Shortly after, the three of us had paid our tab and were looking for the waitress who was about as interested in getting paid as she was in serving us all night... when I looked around the bar. "Oh! Kilts!" I say, and immediately we're joined by the Scottish ice hockey team. The Flintstone Flyers. Another group participating the the World Master's games. One win, one draw and they hadn't had a sober night yet. Well, last night was no exception. The guy who originally plunked himself at our table wore a kilt... and a woman's spaghetti strap top. John, who I later learned was actually named John Walker... sat and chatted with me for quite some time. He even read our palms. His brother Allen was wandering about and apparently was the source of the spaghetti strap top - he traded his "Flintstone Flyers" T-shirt for it.

They do one tournament a year, typically around Europe. They'd been planning the trip to Canada for 4 years. They had a mascot... Funshine Bear. I think it was a ploy to get girls to talk to them :-D

By this time it was midnight, and my two friends - who didn't have to get up this morning to go to work - were getting tired so we left the Scots on their own to find the next bar. Allan was mumbling about being at an English Pub when they have them on every corner back home...He was also about 1 1/2 beers away from passing out.

We made it home safe and sound and not only did I make it to work on time this morning... I was up at 7:09 and caught the 7:28 bus. Yes, my hair looks like crap.

Anyone want to know what they wear under a kilt?


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