Friday, August 05, 2005

A day to just relax


Yesterday that was my plan. I re-organized my living room so I now have a coffee table instead of using it to hold up my TV. It looks pretty great. With that accomplished and my living room as cat hair free as my critters will allow... I headed out to get a couple tires fixed. I've gotta stop going home to Saskatchewan.

One tire was fixable - just a nail. The other tire... I suspect the piece of siding the wind blew under my tires was the cause of the inch wide, 8-10 inch long piece of tire that is still somewhere on Highway 14. THAT tire had to be replaced. Because I can really afford that right now. Ah well, such is life, right?

Then I headed from the dealership to Fabricland. I just wanted fabric for a shirt. But I walked in and saw a perfect fabric for a skirt. Off I went to find a pattern to work with the skirt. Then I had to find fabric (woo hoo, clearance fabric $1.99/m) to make a matching shirt. Surprisingly, I came out of there only spending a total of $33. Now I have to find all of my missing sewing machine parts that are still MIA from the move!

I just made it back to my place before 2:30. I managed to choke down a couple pieces of toast before K arrived to go get coffee and head to Folk Fest. And there was the true beauty of yesterday - Folk Fest. Great music, and just a wonderful atmosphere. Loreena McKennitt was stunning. What a talented woman!

Aside from the unexpected expense of a tire, I had a great day overall. Just too bad I couldn't have slept in this fine morning.


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