Monday, August 08, 2005

like I needed more complications

or, in a word... MEN!

Ugh, how to blog about this when so many of you read my blog???? Well, this is about to become a general rant about the men who've been in my life and some who still are. If you see yourself in this... ummm... too bad. Deal with it. You've made me cranky.

I'm tired of guys who don't know what they want. Or claim not to because it's easier than actually telling the truth. I'm not perfect, y'all aren't going to fall in love with me, I think I can deal with it. Hell, I've had to turn down a guy or two in my past. It happens.

I'm tired of guys who figure just because I'm there and they're there, I'll fall into bed with them. Ummm, no. I have standards and I'm not there to fill your bed on nights when you're lonely. And yes, this includes guys I've been on dates with or been out drinking with. Deal with it.

I'm tired of friends who make me or others uncomfortable by the way they talk to me and/or treat me. Don't make me the subject of rumors because it's entertaining. Don't make me feel uncomfortable with the attention paid to me. It's just me - one of the guys.

I'm tired of the double standard. It's fine for guys to do one thing, but not a woman. Get over it. If you guys can do it, we women can.

I'm tired of geekiness being considered a bad thing. It's not good, it's not bad, it just is. I don't want to ever hear "he's nice enough, but he's a nerd," again. Ever. What you're telling me is you like the guy/girl enough, but are afraid of what other's will think. Be you. Be with who you want to be with. And realize that the geeks can do what no one else can do - fix your damned computer!

I'm tired of actions contradicting words. Just do what you say you're going to so the rest of us don't have to guess.

I'm tired of gossip - being the subject of or having to hear it again. I'm going to go on the record right now saying... I. Don't. Care. Although, let me clarify. Tell me the good news about you and your family. Heck, tell me the bad. But I don't want to hear the latest rumor about Jane and John in the shower at the gym. *note: the previous statement is fictional and any resemblance to real people and situations is purely coincidental!

I'm tired of having no one to watch a good thunderstorm with.

I tired of hearing I might reconcile with my ex being used as a reason not to date me. The simple fact is that 2 years after the divorce is final I could still decide to try to reconcile. Well, at that point it would be remarry, but you get the picture. I'm not looking at you suggesting you might reconcile with your ex who you're still friends with. So... STFU.

I'm tired of drinking being considered a sign of status. At what point does one draw the line between cool and totally classless? The sad thing is - the passed out chick in the bathroom of the Iron Horse will likely do it again. And again. And again. Being able to hold one's liquor does not make one a better person. Or a worse person. Knowing your limits is a good start. Knowing when it's an addiction is even better.

And finally, I'm tired of apples. Yep, apples. You get enough apples for an army and see how you feel. Damned apple jelly....

How d'ya like dem apples? (the preceding is a quote from my drunk-assed BC friend)


At 11:23 AM , Anonymous Crystal said...

Ahmen to that!!! :) I've never figured out why it's OK for a guy to do things, but not for a girl. Mystifies me!


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