Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Take a breather

Coincidentally enough, a couple months ago, I signed up for this lunch and learn called "Take a Breather." It's all about managing stress and whatnot. I just spent an hour in a darkened room breathing with my eyes closed.

No. I was not sleeping! Ok, almost, but I don't think anyone heard the snoring.

What we did was simple meditation, but it reminded me of the Yoga Nidra class I was lucky enough to participate in on a yoga retreat. Unfortunately after a few days of hiking in the clear mountain air, most of us skipped the "fully awake" part and snored away peacefully.

And now, I'm not quite as obsessive as I have been the last few days. I'm feeling downright peaceful and content. Not that I'm any further ahead than I was before lunch. But I had an hour where I got to just forget about it and concentrate on me.

The downside to this little event? I'm relaxed. I look at the queue, there's work to be done obviously, but I'm just sitting here with a goofy smile on my face wondering if this is how my cats feel day after day.

Work...*deep breath* ah work. It's gotta be done. Just like the dishes, laundry and cleaning the toilets. Sure, I can hire someone to clean my house... but I think my company would frown on me hiring someone to do my work. oh! Wait, I'll just call it sub-contracting and we're all good.


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