Friday, August 12, 2005

Moving back to Calgary

Well, I've been reminded of the weather in Calgary by a couple people now. Snow in July, shovelling hail, those kinds of fun things. And I'm still determined to return there next spring. You might ask yourself why I'd do such a crazy thing, and, to be honest, I have no idea. Other than being there makes me feel like I'm home.

It does mean, however, that I give up a job at a company I like. Then again, by next March that opinion may be changed. I give up an affordable condo with a cool ensuite (yeah, yeah, I bought the place for the tub. I'm a girl. Sue me). I move away from some good friends and move further away from my family.

But I might get some of my sanity back, and I'll be in the same city as one of my best friends again. The real work all starts in Feb/March... Looking for a house, looking for work, selling my condo. A delicate timing balance at best. Ah well, onward and upward and back to my favorite city.


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