Monday, August 22, 2005

Wow, what a weekend!

Impulsiveness could get me into trouble, but... well... it also gets me a heck of a weekend once in awhile. This weekend is a perfect example.

Friday night there was a little get together at a bar here in Edmonton so I went. Had a great time and met some cool people. When I got home I went upstairs to bed. I glanced in my walk in closet and thought...hmmmm something's missing. So I look again (keep in mind, it's about 1am) and wonder where my clothes went to. So I go closer to investigate and see that the shelf decided it'd hung on the wall for far too long and it was laying on the floor. It appears that it has done this before by the various holes in the wall that have been patched. In fact, it may have happened twice before which means hanging it up again is going to be pointless as it doesn't have adequate supports. I turn off the light and go to bed.

Saturday morning I had to volunteer for Homeless Animals day so off I went to do that. Got a little too much sun doing that. Ok, waaaayyyyyy too much sun. But it was a good day all around. It was hosted at Terwilligar off leash park.

When that was done at 3:00, I headed to Calgary. Well, I had to make a quick trip home to pick up Ryna's CD first. A CD I was supposed to get to him back in January. Ooops. So, around 4pm I was heading out of the city for Calgary. Sushi with Ryna and then off to the Kings Head pub for another little party. And it was soooooo worth the trip.

Just before I got to Airdrie, my cell rang. I figured it was Ryna checking to see where I was. But nope, it was my evil twin. Her first question was "Where are you????"

"Uhhhh, driving"


"Where are you?" I ask, sure at this point that I just passed her

"No, where are you?" Yep, we have intelligent conversations...

"The highway," Yep, I'm overly informative. At this point I figured she knew darned well where I was since I likely passed her on the highway.

"Where on the highway?"

Ok, fine, now I have to spill that I drove right past where she lives "I'm almost to Calgary...why? Did I just pass you or something?"

"I'm in Edmonton!" Etc, etc, etc. I hang up agreeing to give her a call when I leave and we'll meet for lunch or something on Sunday on my way back.

Sushi was great as usual. Sushi Boat in the NW is a great little place to go. Then off to the Kings Head. I'll get this out of the way now... it was a get together arranged for a singles website I'm a member off. I didn't go looking to meet anyone. There were a group of folks from Friday night who were heading off and I enjoyed myself Friday so figured why not partake in the fun on Saturday night in Calgary.

There was someone from the site in Calgary I'd been talking to, but I didn't tell him I was going to the party because I wasn't sure I was ready to meet him yet, or that I wanted to meet him at something like that. So I kinda left it alone. And I saw he wasn't signed up to the party so I figured it was all good. I could meet him another time, somewhere quieter, fewer people around watching.

One should never assume.

I got there and tracked down someone from the Edmonton group right away (woo hoo) to find out where I needed to be for the party. I found out, got my hand stamped appropriately and met the hosts. As I was doing that, I was distracted by a familiar face in the area reserved for our group. I stood there a moment trying to figure out where I knew him from... He wasn't from Edmonton, at least I didn't think he was...

By the time I was done with the hosts, I knew where I knew him from. We'd been chatting for awhile online from the site. Hey, I'm a geek. I found a geeky way to meet people. Got a problem with that????? So I made my way over to him, smiled and said "hey, I know you."

The rest of the night I spent getting to know him. And it was great. Too many Edmontonians were hanging around though and I got hassled for it. So I got up and danced some and socialized for a bit, but it was uncomfortable in a packed bar with people bumping into my sunburn repeatedly, so off I went back to my quiet corner.

The guy and I agreed to meet for lunch the next day at the end of the night. I shut down the bar for crying out loud. I've never done that! Sunday, we had lunch, caught "The Wedding Crashers" and get to know each other a little better.

At about 3:30, I headed north out of Calgary and gave my evil twin a call. We ended up meeting at Moxie's in Red Deer for supper. Even though I wasn't overly hungry at that point. Ah well. It was still good food.

I didn't get home until after 7pm. I went and looked at my closet again. I figure I'll go to Home depot and get an organizer with better supports. I never did get a chance to measure the closet, but I'll likely remove the remaining shelf and have the long shelf run all the way across the back. Heh heh, me with power tools.

Just call me Heidi.


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