Friday, September 16, 2005

The week from hell.

Yep, that's what I typed. A great big H-E-double hockey sticks. Makes a girl just want to stick her tongue out at the world and crawl into bed. Well, first I'll get my closet painted and perhaps a beaded curtain installed.

Beaded curtain? I know, you're thinking this girl's gotta be off her rocker. But here's the deal. I have a walk-in closet that's 3 feet by 8 feet. Now I know what you're thinking. HOW on earth is THAT a walk in closet. Well, the builder of the home decided that this closet should have a regular door on it and the homeowner could just shuffle past the clothes to get to the back.

NEXT said builder decided that the door on said closet should swing inward. Yep, inward. Taking out two feet of totally useable closet space. So I've decided to remove the door. My original plan was to change it so it swung out. But I asked for suggestions for the amount of work, and someone suggested a beaded curtain. That doesn't sound so bad right now. Sunday night I do get my closet shelves back (woo hoo!)

Argh, so far I haven't explained why my week sucks. I will later. I just don't want to type right now.


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