Sunday, August 20, 2006

Great decorating day

Well, I couldn't find many home stores open today. Go figure. But I got a number for Home Hardware to book an appointment with their designers. That way I can get their help in picking a vanity to go with my paint, tile and faucets.

I did find an old fashioned looking vanity, with sink, at home sense. But it's about $600. And likely just a little too wide.

A new development in the reno and vanity selection. The current sink is NOT centered in the vanity. It's shifted to the right. So far that it would not work with a 30" vanity without the plumbing being moved.

More learning for me! It's exciting. I can't wait to get started!

I did get a duvet cover today and some towels for my bathroom. Towels are the red colour of my bedroom wall. Duvet cover is a taupe colour that is slightly lighter than my wall colour. Just putting that on my bed made a huge difference in that room.

Oooh, got two wicker laundry hampers at Jysk too. And when it comes time to get a glass desk, they've got one for a reallllllllllllllllly good price. I tried to find red curtains, but no such luck. Got to keep looking for drapery, but other than that, the bedroom is done.

Well, ok, there's the stencilling that needs to be done, but I may find another way to do that too.


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