Monday, December 11, 2006

Warm fuzzies.

All right. I'm in love. Yep. I have good reason to be too. He's wonderful. He called tonight to make sure things went well with the insurance company.

Dad called to let me know he found a car back home for sale.

T stopped by on her way home to pick up my car keys and drop them off on the south side.

My ex was supportive when I told him. No offer of help, understandably, but he was supportive.

My family will be up after Christmas. Or it looks like they will be. Managed to convince them I didn't need them up here now. They're worried about me. Sure it manifests itself in somewhat controlling behaviour.

R has called or IM'd me every day to see how I am, and she's doing so much to help cheer me up. She has her own issues to deal with, yet she's being an incredible friend to me.

People who care. It's amazing the warm fuzzies a girl can get with great people in her life.

Even in the midst of all the crap happening, I feel good just because of how good the people are around me. People you can count on. People who care.



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