Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So. There we have it. Recommendation from the consultant regarding the future of Notes here. Run away is about the best way to describe it. The recommendation is to move slowly away from notes as technology becomes available to allow us to. It’s not industry standard, but people love the apps built in it. Um. Ok. So we want technology to replace non-industry standard technology. My guess is, until MS steps up to the plate, any new technology to replace notes will be…. Non. Industry. Standard.

Ah well. In a way, I get what I want. I get out of notes. Bye. Training. New technology. Challenges. In a way, I’m partly responsible for the decision. Honesty. As an IT person, I’m not happy doing notes work anymore. I’m stagnant. Depressingly so. My career has no future if I stay on this path (notes).

You could see that half the team wasn’t surprised by the decision. The other half may or may not have been surprised, but they were clearly not happy with the news.

In a style unique to this team, we left the meeting silently and wandered back to our cubes. No comment between us. No invitations to head over to Tim’s for a cup and discussing our thoughts on the development. Our self-appointed “spokesman” asked questions in the meeting that were interesting. He asked if Management had made a decision. That had clearly been answered early in the presentation. It’s like he’s holding on to hope that the magic lotus fairies will come save him. It seemed he felt as a senior member of the team he should say something. Should ask a question and make himself appear important. Rather he appeared clueless and as if he were grasping at straws. Will this mean a series of meetings with him and management trying to save the team.

Sadly, the best option for this team is a bullet in the head. It isn’t a team. There’s no communication. No collaboration. People would rather point fingers than lift a finger to help out a teammate. My fear is that out of the strategy interviews, they’ll decide to put team members together who have no desire whatsoever to work together. That all of us will just be absorbed into the web team and disappear, doubling the size of that team overall and allowing the cancer of our team to spread to one that works well together.

I’m not afraid of this. I know that out of this will come new opportunities and challenges for me. Only first, I have to grow up and make a decision about where I want to be. What I want to do. Which direction my life will take this time.


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