Monday, November 20, 2006

Tis the season

Got me a Christmas tree tonight. A fake one :( but a tree nonetheless. It's 7.5 feet, pre I dunno. It's a fake tree. Not much to say about it really. Comes with it's own stand?

Might drag it upstairs to decorate tonight. It's time :) My family will think I'm nuts. Dec 1 is about the earliest they ever start decorating. Well, except D with the outside lights. It's Nov 20.... close enough?

My tree. It's not one of those perfectly decorated things with a color scheme and perfectly matched ornaments. It's covered in home made ornaments. Gifts given amongst my family over the years. The odd craft sale purchase and that old lollipop I made back in school or explorers or something. Of course, Bailey has a habit of making some ornaments disappear, and the bottom of the tree is covered in unbreakables... hmmm. a little further up this year what with Tucker hanging around.

Still remember Tigger figuring out Christmas. Smelling the fresh tree, up in his hind legs for a better look. Then falling forward, slingshotting a shiny red ball across the room when he landed on a branch. Luckily neither cat is a climber. At least not of the Christmas tree. Tigger's got a thing for trying to unwrap presents though. My fault likely after wrapping a catnip blanket up for him one year. Live and learn ;)

Christmas. A time of year for family and friends. My family is short one person this year. Someone who's been there for all of the last thirty for me. She was there for a lot, whether she understood it or not. Cards won't be the same. Then again, I might not be there until Christmas day so it's not like there'll be a lot of time to miss her.


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