Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Imagine that

All things point to me doing the right thing. Maintain the status quo. Don't push. Just be. Thank god for curling. I can easily not be clingy and needy. I'm hoping that ends up his realm.

He's coming to Ottawa with me. I took a leap and asked him today. Big leap. Hard for me. Was afraid. My fear is my biggest enemy. It's what stops me from asking for what I want. It's what stops me from being at his house right now.

Will this make me happy? No. He and I need to talk. I won't be the one giving up everything. I won't be the one compromising everything this time. I just want someone who wants to be with me. I know he does, but he holds back. Wants his hermit time. I'll stand back and give him the space. I've learned what not doing it does. In time, things have to change. But it's early.


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