Wednesday, November 08, 2006

'Nother day

Some days go so well. Calls are handled smoothly, there are no disputes, no screw-ups. And there is peace in the land. Why does it seem those days are the days that certain people don't come into the office? This team is a mess. A disaster. And it's ridiculous.

And... I'm strangely peaceful even considering that. I'm not looking for work. I have my headphones firmly in place and a desire to laugh at the hypocrisy rather than freak out and bail.

Maybe it's the undecided future for me. Considering bolting, but this time, I have someone who's equally willing to bolt with me. In fact, he's leaning more toward it every day. Which means... patience, grasshopper.

I sit here munching the last of the grapes from my breakfast and life is good. Not only am I making it to work on time, I'm typically early. My cats get to spend every night annoying the hell out of me while I try to sleep, but even last night with curling, I managed to spend some time with him. He makes a wonderful body warmer. I'd say butt warmer, but last night all of me was downright frosty.

My doubts are vanishing. Quickly. Erased by muddy lab footprints and plans to buy a lake lot. And erased by conversations like last nights as I bent to kiss him before I left.

He loves my laugh, my smile. He loves that I find his pup eating bugs hilarious. That I can crash out reading in his bed while he wanders around and does stuff.. We can talk. He's seen me cry once. We don't fight - not even during the renos. I have no reservations. No kids. No ex wife. He has a great job even if his vacation made him hate where he works. He wants what I want. No anger. No jealousy. I'm not compared to an unrealistic image. His dog gets the back seat of the car.

And that's that. My last gush on here about him. Want to take this back to my little ranting corner of the web. All this personal crap is gonna go somewhere more... personal.

So, it's another day. Curled last night. Won. Curl tonight - late game, pre-game drinks...should win again. What does it say about us that we play better with booze in us? I think it's more the camaraderie that the hour pre-game gives us. A chance to chat. Relax and get to know each other. It's something I'm glad Linda suggested last year.

Well, I'm off to sit and grin at my computer screen.


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