Thursday, October 26, 2006

I quit.

I quit I quitI quit I quitI quit I quit I quit I quitI quit I quit I quit I quitI quit I quitI quit I quit

There I said it. Repeatedly. Better here than in my team lead's office. This is ridiculous. Insane. Childish. Surprising for a group of people of which I am the youngest. At 30. No one wants to take responsibility. Heaven forbid you deal with a client who's above peon level.


*deep breaths*

Everything looked so rosy last night at midnight. Pulled off a win on the ice (go me). I was even back to my old self out there making some pretty nice shots. And missing some pretty nice shots too. Went home, had some great ideas for increasing membership in my curling club. Set myself a goal of an increase of 2 teams next year bringing us to 10.

Then I got no sleep. Well... I got some I suppose because otherwise how would I have weird dreams. Kept waking up. Didn't get to bed until late. Woke up this morning at 6 am. Couldn't fall back asleep. I'm exhausted. Pooped. And cranky as HE-double hockey sticks.

I need sleep or I'll get sick. Again. I'm taking tomorrow off to sleep in, get some laundry done and generally make my house look like I know how to use a vacuum. And finish painting. Get some groceries. Clean the critter litter. Nap. Do some work that I'm technically not supposed to do. Nap. And.. well... heh. Yeah. Surprise!


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