Friday, October 20, 2006

What happened to "me"?

Odd. I was looking for an old post today and I started flipping through the archives. Some funny stuff. Some, I don't even remember writing, but there it is for the world to read. I've never been one to take life seriously. I try to find the humour in that which goes on around me.

At toastmasters I was encouraged to enter the humourous speech contest. When I do a speech, I typically get comments back like, "funny as always." Even in real life I still giggle myself and the world around me.

Things like highlighter orange. Yep, I painted my living room a beautiful orange colour reminiscent of a highlighter. A friend commented last night that it's school bus orange. Thankfully, it's been repainted, but I still have a gallon and a half of this great orange paint. Anyone need lines painted on their street? Glow in the dark picture frames?

I try to bring colour to the world around me, be it with my smile, my personality or the colours I paint. For too long, I've let things get me down to the point where my blog is depressing. A year and a half ago, I was going through a tough time, yet I still managed to post such relevant things as eating my yogurt with a fork because I'd forgotten a spoon and eating my taco salad with a spoon because I'd forgotten my fork. I never realized the utensil crisis I have in my life :)

So it's time to stop taking myself and my life so seriously. I'd suggest I eat more chocolate, but right now my clothes are getting bigger so I don't want to stop that little trend.


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