Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I think I've got it.

The newest workout trend... a great way to lose weight.


Or just paint.

Either way, it'll keep you away from the fridge AND you'll get a whole new house out of the deal. My clothes don't freakin' fit anymore. I'm constantly pulling up my pants. It's a great feeling, except there's something I wanted to wear Friday that just doesn't fit right anymore.

I know, I should look at this as a shopping opportunity. Time to go buy something new. The problem is time. I don't have much between now and then. Curling tonight. Curling tomorrow night. Both are late games which let me get some things done I need to do.

As for the painting, I've done all I'm going to do. Except that one last coat on the yellow walls by the front door. I have the John Deere living room. Darcy would be so proud. Green and yellow. Sure, it was supposed to be orange, but once on the walls, in the room, with the red furniture, it appears more yellow than orange. Yellow's good too though.

John Deere living room with a Case couch... (thanks Igloo boy).

I still need to clean up, vacuum up the critter hair, move my dining room table back, vacuum the stairs, do laundry.... vacuum :) wash a mirror or two, wash the floor, clean the toilets, and hire a damned maid.

Not to mention set up the treasure hunt, buy the last couple items for it, change the oil in my car, sleep, work.... maybe I'll take a day off. Thursday. *cough, cough* I feel a sick day coming on. Bah, I have enough holiday time left it won't kill me to just take one of those days.

And get myself flowers dammit. Some roses. Red. for over the fireplace. A curtain for the window to replace the one that was too short. Buy groceries so I can provide the dinner my treasure hunt promises. Maybe a bottle of wine.

Clean the cat litter, brush Bailey, figure out what to cook, clean my fridge (paint trays really aren't that appetizing), find time for some personal grooming appointments, replace all the switch plates and outlet covers. Find a home for Cameron's toys and organize my desk.

*taking a deep breath*

And there's work, sleep, shower.... ahhhh crap, I need to clean the shower.


At 7:59 PM , Anonymous Igloo Coder said...

Igloo boy? Boy? Pffftt.....I think we can all see a lie when we encounter one! I have JD pillows if you want them for your decorating whims.


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