Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blood donation

4th blood donation today. First time it's ever hurt. And I mean hurt. I gasped when she put the needle in my arm. Evil woman. Still hurts. And it really shouldn't. The good thing is I have a reason to not sweep tonight curling :) My third's a nurse though, so watch her tell me I don't have to take it easy! Evil woman.

I'm not even sure why I donate. It's easy at work. Someone organizes it, I just sign up and hop the shuttle. No reason not to really. It's a pretty simple thing and it helps people.

I know of two women here who've made more than 50 donations. That's a lot of blood. Makes my 4 little pints seem minuscule. Ok, fine, they're a lot older than I am - grandmothers. Still, it's cool that people have given that much.

Meh, I can't change the world like I once thought I could. But I can still do what I think is right.


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