Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's an adventure

Life in general is to me. I'd prefer it to be as drama free as possible, and I've achieved that. I've found this peaceful place and I don't want to leave it, however I still seek adventure when possible. I know, it's a contradiction - peaceful adventure - yet it seems to be where I am.

Overall, my life is peaceful. Not in that "just another day in a long line of identical days" kinda way, but in a great, happy, content way that brings along it's own surprises. September brings a flight to Vegas with a return road trip, camping, moving and evenings spent on the deck. It's apples and pears and pies. The changing seasons from summer to fall and watching movies in the home theatre.

My stress seems to have melted away. T and B are adapting to their new digs and the other T is just plain confused about where he belongs. The competition there for attention is funny in a way. T and T seem determined to prove they're dominant and B spends her days under the bed.

November brings another trip to Vegas, and if all goes as planned, it could be Paris as early as next spring!

The wonderful T (my last Vegas trip partner in crime) is experiencing the same - peace, strength and wonder at where we stand. Acceptance of all that has been and is and hope for what will be. Finally feeling as if I'm really staring at the rest of my life, rather than an endless path of unhappiness and unfullfilled dreams. Our lives are what we make them and I'm finally ready to make mine into what I'd always dreamed it could be.

Yes, that makes me selfish. Oh well.


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