Thursday, August 30, 2007


You read my blog nearly every day, yet lie to those around you. I hope you've found the past year to be entertaining and fun filled all around, as have I. I am sorry you are unable to let go. It's been suggested to me that I hide my blog, but where's the fun in that? I do hope you continue to read and find what you seek within.

My words are simply that, words. The expression of that which lies inside. By asking that J not read this, I'm free to truly express who I am. While my form of expression has not changed, who I am has changed. It's funny how the drama left my life a year ago. The peace and love that has filled it since then is worth more than you'll ever know.

True happiness is not something you can force or manipulate. You can't bend it to your will. It comes when you least expect it and touches all around you with it's light. I am finally becoming who I want to be, surrounded by that light, protected by my very soul. The past cannot be changed, nor do I want to as without it, I wouldn't have my present. I am grateful to you for both my present as well as the ability to understand what a gift the present is to me.


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