Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hi everybody!

Didn't quite know what to title this post. Suppose they don't really need titles if you think about it, but I'm not usually one for thinking so...

An update on me. I am getting serious about this weight loss thing. Ok, maybe that's the wrong way to put it. I am serious about losing weight. Really serious. I've started eating right - well that started weeks ago - and now I'm adding exercise. Good exercise - walking and yoga for now to get my body back into the swing of things (oy, the flexibility I've lost!). And to slowly loosen my back up.

The yoga is helping. I got up after my last session and my hips cracked about 5 times. Ok, that sounds bad, but really...it means I loosened the muscles up enough to allow the joints to move. That is a good thing.

I have goals. Some big, some small. For example - after I lose 5 lbs, I'm getting me new sandals. After every workout, I reward myself with a nice long soak in a hot, salt filled tub of water. The big kahuna of my rewards is... a Mini Cooper Convertible. If I hit my goal, I'm buying myself THAT car.

Yay me. Now, to get this back straightened out. I want to go back to my pain free days, but I can't. Apparently, I never can. On the plus side, I'll be seeing my massage therapist regularly, and who really wants to complain about regular massages?


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