Thursday, August 02, 2007

Who'da thunk it

Last night J had offered to make me dinner so after watching part of Dr. Phil's show on nightmare in-laws, I lugged my stuff over there and met him as he was coming in the back gate. There was a slight change in plans and we ended up at his parent's place, although he still cooked me supper (BBQ pork chops, yum!). And as I sat visiting with his Dad after dinner, I realized how lucky I am right now.

J and his Mom were downstairs trying to get her computer to burn CD's for the family reunion. It took longer than expected and his Dad and I had a great conversation. It wasn't grating (never is) it was much like plunking myself down with my dad and chatting.

Pictures were discussed and a new "family" one must be taken. The official reason is that the twins were only 4 for the last picture (2 years ago, or so), but J's mom (also a J!) is adamant that I be in this one as well. *Fuzzy*

I feel at home with them. Comfortable and relaxed. J's right, our families are mirror images of each other - sometimes in very creepy ways, but oh so similar.

I'm happy, I'm content and I'm loving where life has brought me, even if I don't love so much how it brought me here. The "family" reunion is a week away. It seems I may be meeting some of his family much sooner as some begin to arrive as early as this weekend. And I can't wait.

Ugh, what a boring little blog post for today, but it had to be done... This whole liking his family thing is new and unusual for me. After thinking something was wrong with me for so long, I'm realizing how wrong the situation really was.


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