Monday, March 19, 2007

it's just good.

Going to Kelowna. Got a tax update to work properly this morning. Lost 3 lbs. Bathroom reno is done...well, ok I still need a curtain made. Bedroom is clean. DST is over. Everything is going well between T and C. Curling in my club championships. An everything bagel and cream cheese.

What do anything of those things have in common???? Good question. They're all things making me extremely happy at this very moment. Yep this moment. Well, ok, this moment and several others. Like all morning. Likely all afternoon. All weekend even.

There are times I try to figure out why I'm so happy and unconcerned in this relationship. Why doesn't it matter if I see him through the week? Why is it ok that he's busy Friday nights? The best I can come up with is "because I know I'll see him and I know that time will be focussed on each other." High quality time. Means I don't need huge quantities of it. The time we have together is more special and neither of us feels pressure. There's the fact that he wants time with me just as much. Thursday night I'd had a horrid day at work and he came over later because he wanted to.

Regardless, the reasons why matter little. The fact is it works.

We're planning renos to his house. Huge renos. Like adding a couple hundred square feet. Maybe. If it works out to being financially smart. Ok, I'll likely end up as gofer and painter, but I hope I'll be more helpful than that. Maybe tile layer? Siding nailer? sink leveller? Curtain hanger? heh heh...sledge hammer wielder?

I am content. Ok, work sometimes refuses to cooperate, but I'm not going to let that spill over into my real life. Half a day gone... half a day extremely productive. Tax updates are seconds from being complete for another day... a week if I'm lucky.

Dinner with T tonight. We've missed a couple weeks of it and I need to see that I stop letting it slide. At least curling season is *almost* over and done with for another year. 1 game left. Maybe 2. Anything beyond that will be a miracle of epic proportions.


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