Monday, February 19, 2007

A day not wasted

Even a weekend not wasted. I was Tuckersitting, which really isn't a tough thing to do. Feed him, throw a ball to him and let him sleep on the bed and life is good. That was Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday afternoon, I went out crafting with J's mom and sister. Freaked about it the whole way to his parent's house. "What am I going to talk about? Why did I agree to do this? I'd so rather be hanging out with the darned dog."

Got there, made stuff and had a great time. Was even told I should go to Mexico next time his sister goes. Went home, got groceries, dinner with T and then puppysitting again. Sunday morning I woke to a phone call from J letting me know they were leaving the lake and they'd be home early afternoon. And he missed me.

Today, the long weekend for most folks... I didn't get it off, but took my SDO today anyway. We went shopping. For houses. Show-home shopping. Paint shopping. Shelving shopping. And it was a great day. Full of laughs. The same puzzled looks at some of the bizarre layouts. Hugs. Kisses. It was just...right. Finally.

I fit. With his family. With most of his friends. He's looking forward to a trip to SK this weekend to see my family. He's in my life, a part of my life, and it's where he wants to be. I'm not constantly fighting for time with him. I'm confident I get weekends with him. And I was told I'd get my butt kicked if I curled 3 nights a week again next year because it's too much for me. Well, and he doesn't see me enough. Two people with their own lives, both people making the other a priority.

It's amazing to be a priority.


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