Thursday, January 04, 2007

What a beautiful day!

Well, second game back curling and I have great news. I can curl! I just can’t sweep. Pain-free today. Well, mostly. Tad stiff. Have this stupid head cold, and apparently I left my brain somewhere, but…. I can curl!

I have a car! I can curl!

And I’m the greatest girlfriend EVER. Why? I’m glad you asked. His birthday is coming up and I was wracking my brain to figure out the perfect gift for him. It is rather tough in relatively new relationships. Finally yesterday it hit me… Rush tickets would be…ok, but in reality, not likely the best gift for him – he’s never been to a game so if he hates it, what kind of gift is that? Here, let me take you out for a night you don’t enjoy.

I had some ideas for small gifts, a couple of which I’ll still go pick up. Kinda more as mementos of the big gift. Hee hee. We’re going to Calgary this weekend. Partly for my haircut, partly to see the comedian I got him tickets to for Christmas, and partly to see friends. But I didn’t feel comfortable asking R to put up me and a guy he’s never met. I wasn’t too sure I’d want to expect his friends to do the same. Add to that the show is the late show – 10pm so we’ll be late getting in wherever we are.

So… We’re staying at a hotel. Not just any hotel. The Delta Bow Valley - in the Jacuzzi suite. Add some wine and voila – birthday and Valentine’s Day in one.

It’s so great to be able to do these kinds of things. First, having a guy who’s available for that kind of weekend is…wonderful. Second, I know that the trip isn’t going to be filled with heavy sighs, stories about doing similar things with someone else and wishing he were with someone else. Something else I didn’t realize was important until a relationship where it didn’t exist. The effort is going to be more than appreciated.

It’s funny, I didn’t realize how much of a jerk the ex-boyfriend was until J. I now see that everything I thought had to be – didn’t. I thought sacrifices I made were necessary. They weren’t. J has shown me what a real relationship should be. One where both people make compromises. And it amazes me how much better I sleep in a bed with someone. Last night I woke up repeatedly. Might be the cold. Might be the back. But whatever it is, I sleep sooo much better at his place. Maybe it’s just the cozy flannel sheets.

Btw, apparently an apology is in order. I was posting in pain the other night. Physical pain. Shoulder, back and hip pain from attempting to curl. I posted a short message about my disappointment in what I thought was going to be my inability to curl for a period of time, not realizing it would be misinterpreted. The evil twin almost drove up from Calgary to make sure I hadn’t drowned myself in my fancy new bathroom when I wouldn’t answer my phone – because I was back on the ice stubbornly refusing to believe I couldn’t do what I loved. So no. I wasn’t dumped. I’m still blissfully happy.


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