Monday, January 01, 2007


I got a phone call a few days ago regarding one of my posts. Ok, it was about a week ago. Apparently G isn't happy with my decision to avoid communicating with him. Here's the way I see it - it's a matter of respect. J isn't comfortable with it and he has every right to say that. I'd be insane to maintain a friendship with someone if that friendship could cost me someone I love. G made his decision months ago, and with that, he had to accept that I wouldn't be in his life anymore.

I let him play power games with my head. Claiming to want me back, when in reality, it was simply an ego trip for him. He didn't want to hang up when he called. Likely to inflict more guilt on me. Funny thing about that. I don't feel much guilt anymore. Not about T, not about G and I fully intend to limit my guilt with J.

G made his decisions and now he gets to live with it. As I get to live with my decisions and T gets to live with his.

'Tis a new year and that's the end of G. This year, I look ahead, not back. Much easier to smile and be me that way.


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