Saturday, December 23, 2006


What a day yesterday. Was up 24 hours, but it was worth it. Made it back. Managed to resched to a flight out of Ottawa at 7:34. Flight boarded around 8. Then the gong show began. Ice. Freezing rain that started around 4pm. The gate area was like a skating rink. They couldn't get enough traction to back our plan out of the gate. So, we waited for a sanding truck. All well and good except he didn't sand back far enough. So, again, we waited for teh sanding truck.

Then de-icing. 3 hours. Yep, 3 hours later, the plane took off. Thank god for westjet and their satellite TV. Saved my sanity. Not my back or my legs, but my sanity.

I did get to see Parliament before coming home, and some of the Bywalk Market. So I did the tourist thing. Snapped pictures and hopped a plane in the middle of an ice storm. Luckily our west jet pilot and flight attendants were the crew for the Edmonton leg of the flight too so the plane kinda had to wait for us.

3 am, I dragged my tired butt off a plane and met with J waiting for me. So sweet. I'd text messaged him and told him not to bother when my flight was sooooo delayed. Yet, he checked my flight number and watched the Edmonton airport page and met me there. What a sweetheart. So instead of a cab, I got a hug and a kiss and a sweetheart grabbing my bags for me.

I get Christmas with him and his family and for once I'm looking forward to it. Never once while I was married, or even pre-marriage, did I look forward to m;y inlaws and Christmas without my family. This year I'm glad things worked out this way. Sure, I have no car, I hurt a lot and it's been a bit rushed what with the trip to Parliament, but I get what I wanted without me having to make the decision and inform my family that I'd decided not to spend the time with them. And, it gives me another year to adjust to Grandma being gone.

I'm happy. I sleep great beside him. Love waking up wrapped in his arms and he loves my cats. By all appearances this christmas coulda sucked, and likely should, but it couldn't have worked out better.


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