Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ottawa - Day 2.

Well, here I am. Ottawa. Second day. First day of the course is done. Yay! Not a bad course. Some really nice people. I'm the lonely unilingual person in the group, I'm sad to say. Ah well, c'est la vie. *snicker*

Flight was interesting. For a flat province, Saskatchewan sure has bumpy air. That was the roughest flight I've ever been on. Winterpeg to Ottawa was uneventful and a mostly empty plane. Yeesh. I had an entire row to myself. Stretched out, crocheted. Relaxed.

Got here, spotted shopping and off I went. Not much spectacular though. Same stuff as home - no surprise. Only a couple blocks to Parliament. Will be going there Saturday. Going to hit a museum or two as well.

Wish I didn't have my car issue to think about. Angry that my ex's new fiancee is picking out new vehicles 2 weeks after she moved in, but... it's his life. Doesn't help that I'm debating financing or going cheap and paying off bills. Difference in priority there. I'm leaning toward paying off bills. Would rather travel than drive a BMW. Imagine that.

I miss J, but the last week, or rather, the last few days with a carless, dependant me had driven him crazy. So, it's probably a really good thing flights were so expensive to get out here. I have to email him sat/sun to remind him to pick me up at the airport. Not the greatest feeling, but I have a horrible memory too so I can understand the request. But still. :) Meh. Women. Men. We see things differently.

I'd rather be at home though. Course is good, but the back and hips hurt. Enough that the course wasn't a lot of fun today. Tried to keep stretching and the chairs are wonderful, but it doesn't help that much. Off for an epsom salt bath tonight. In 4 days, I'll be home. Not sure yet if that's good or bad.


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