Sunday, January 07, 2007

Now I get it.

Well folks. This is it. The end. My life has taken a turn that dictates ending my online musings. For good or for bad, whatever will be will be. The reality is that this forum has become too public for much of what I want to say. Well, it's been too public all along, but it didn't bother me until recently. Really there wasn't much of substance being said anyway.

This started as a place to work through my feelings and deal with my confusion and reluctance over my divorce. A way to deal with my guilt and move forward. I've done that and the need for this space has run it's course.

Besides that, sometimes I just feel as if I'm being watched. That people who don't need to know a damned thing about my life can see far too deeply into it and it doesn't make me comfortable. It's one thing when it's strangers, but I strongly suspect...ah, heck, I know, thanks to an IP tracker...that someone from my past reads daily and that is enough of that. I'm learning the need, slowly, for life's ups and downs to be private. Sometimes even from those closest to me.

So, leave it at me being blissfully happy in my personal life, finding my path professionally, in pain physically and overall in a better place than I've ever been before. Those close to me will know what they need to know when they need to know it.

Words, they have the power to give someone the world, but an equal power to crush that world and destroy someone's dreams. Use them sparingly and wisely.

And always smile. I will be.


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