Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And life goes happily on.

The world is a funny place. Really funny sometimes. A month ago, I would've sworn no one at work knew I existed - or cared. I had a veiled threat about a black mark if I tried to find a position in a different dept in the company. It seemed the toxic half of the team was going to determine my future here.

However, in the last few weeks, things have brightened somewhat. In fact - a lot.

First was my bonus. A rather large bonus and raise. Woo hoo. It'll pay off most of my line of credit and make it much easier to plan my trip next winter.

The next day though, things went into the toilet again. A call came in for a "difficult" client. Sort of. Well it did come in. And 2 hours later, we got around to it. The problem - by the time my team got around to letting me know it was there - I had 15 minutes to fix it. It was an urgent call. So I thought I finally had a valid complaint against those who play the game so well.
I spent time writing up what happened, notifying the business rep for that department and dealing with the fallout from it. I got a "I'll look into it" from the team lead. Well, he did. Emailed the problem, and turns out the call came in as medium priority and we don't know when it was upgraded to Urgent so it's really pointless. Nothing came out of it.

However, the business rep for that dept talked to the client and got an email 'way to go' about me that he forwarded to my boss and my manager. Nothing came out of that either aside from a "well done," email from my team lead.

However. Business Rep sent me a job posting for his team. I had to decline and went to explain why. He understands. But in the meantime in anticipation for my team disappearing, when I have spare time, I can go to him and get work to do for their team.

This is huge because it starts to answer the question of where I go when my team is gone and it gives me another reference at the company as well.

I don't understand his motivation for it, however. Unless it's to determine my fit in that team.
Curling is going well. In the A event finals for all of my teams and my Sher. Pk team won the "C" Event in Sherwood Park on the weekend.

Actually life - outside of that little team issue (we put the I in team, let me tell you!) - is going smurfy. Absolutely smurfy. Everything is falling into place and I'm extremely happy.
I will say that the prospect of co-habitating come May is a little daunting, depending on the day. Some days I'm all for it. Others I'm ready to run screaming.

Ah well. Life will happen as it happens. We can't have everything we want, and god knows I'm happy for much of what I didn't get.


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