Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Apparently I'm busy

Wanted to make plans with S this week. Dinner, some shopping, hang out. But between my quilting course (almost done! Yay!), an event for work and TM, it's just didn't seem like it would happen. She has her own plans too. It looks like something might work out tonight or tomorrow night which is good.

On the quilt - just about done. Put the borders on in class last night. I'm the only one planning to hand quilt, which really isn't a surprise. It's just easier for me. Something to do while...uh... ok, so it isn't like I have a lot of spare time. I'll take it on the camping trip with the family, I suppose.

What an odd horoscope today. The first line? "Open your heart to the possibility of marriage." Uhhhhh. Where'd that come from? Heck, I did it once and that was...less than fun. I considered it again quite recently, but now I'm not so sure anymore.

I checked out Vegas trips and once again found a great deal at the Bellagio. Told T about it, but she's going to be looking for work again around that time. And with the roof repairs and car repainting it's not like I'll be able to afford it. As it is, I need to find some $$$ to pay for the camping trip in July. It's funny how things just don't end up like you'd think. Being an adult sucks.

Heh, just managed to make something work with S. Dinner and shopping tonight and we'll maybe squeeze in a movie tomorrow night.

But, work is getting busy, so I guess I'd better go get something done.


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