Monday, August 27, 2007

It's official

I have a move-in date. It's coming quickly even if it is what was discussed previously. I waffled, fear of a repeat of April made me hold back slightly. But in all honesty, deep in my heart, I know this is right. I'm excited. My friends are happy for me. And the biggest surprise - my parents seem excited about the move. To the point of wondering if an engagement is in the future!

I'm the president of my curling club. This means phone calls inquiring about the league and all that fun stuff. So far, I've gotten a new team (which is fantastic) and a couple other calls. I'm excited about the year ahead, yet a little nervous about the responsibility in the presidential role.

I have a new job. Starting on the 7th. New building, new office, new job. Completely new job. No more lotus notes. No more development. BA/PM. Congratulations me.

Big changes in my life. Big things in store for the year ahead. I only hope it lives up to the past year.


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