Friday, September 07, 2007

Another day, another week.

My cats are settling down to a point where I can sleep through the night. Either that or I've settled down to a point where I can sleep through the night. In the end, the reason is irrelevant, my insomnia seems to have subsided - for now. Thank heavens because when I'm short on rest I'm short on patience.

J and I are doing remarkably well. The house is tidy, meals are cooked every evening - although I think during the week that task will fall to me more and more. Which is fine - means weekends are his fabulously yummy creations. And it also means that kitchen cleanup is his job. Guess I shouldn't complain, he makes fine scrambled eggs for breakfast as well! We both seem to be entering a budget induced hermit period in an effort to save money for Vegas, his new truck and (of course) Paris. My goal is next spring. In reality, next fall is likely more realistic, but having someone with me who's trying to lose weight as well should be very motivating.

I almost wish I could find complaint with my life. It seems the blog is going to get dreadfully boring with so many happy posts. Update: I'm happy.... yep, still happy... Imagine that.... still happy!

Curling season is getting underway. I've had lots of phone calls regarding the league and hopefully can meet my goal of 2 new teams. It seems I may have enough people, but may be short on skips/thirds. I might have to take my lead up on her offer to skip a team if necessary. Looks to be another great year!


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