Saturday, August 26, 2006

Off to spend lotsa money

Reno shopping. Eeek. Today is THE day. The day that I go make the orders and put the money down. Making my bathroom... mine.

It's funny. Found this tarot site All of my readings come up saying something about a big project, creativity and stuff like that. Using the Fairy Ring deck, I got:

"When Wayland Smith appears in the cards, he indicates a period of hard work, creation, craftsmanship, knowledge, skill, and mastery. Opportunities and success are at hand, and your efforts will bring rewards. Wayland also indicates, in some sense, transmutation, and forging new things from the old."

Hmmm.. kinda seems to be pointing at a renovation huh?

Even better was the next card in that same layout... " Queen Mab arrives in the cards to deliver dreams, wishes, and longings as yet unfulfilled, but also new ideas, insights, creativity, fertility, and inspiration to help you fulfill your dreams. Dare to dream and dare to live the dream. Don’t let others deflect you from what you truly want. "

The next card is puzzling though. "' When Tryamour appears in your cards, she implies a choice of some kind. In this case, you are deciding with your heart, rather than your head. However, you should consider carefully, as all options have far-reaching consequences. If the card is well aspected (surrounded by helpful cards), it can point to harmony and true love. If it is badly aspected, it shows that a relationship will be tested to the breaking point."

Ok, so my relationship WAS tested to the breaking point. It broke. I see a lot of things clearly around that now. BUT The cards surrounding that card were positive. Which means harmony and true love. I think it's clear the harmony wasn't there. True love? I'll never know. So what does this mean? What choice do I have? Bathroom reno or Tigger? Well, at least there is harmony and true love.

Little dude slept on my pillow all night with his paws on my shoulder so he'd know if I moved. Haven't I wished once before he was a guy?

So, based on my tarot... I'm gonna go do the bathroom reno. Apparently good things will come with it. Maybe a cute plumber? Heh, let's be realistic. A finished bathroom in and of itself is reward enough. The other thing it did was show me the true nature of someone. Unfortunate, but better now than later.

I am a handywoman!


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