Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who me? An emotional wreck? Nahhhhh

Sigh. It's that time of month. I hate that I turn into a pool of emotional jello every month like clockwork.I'd love to change that, but, sadly, biology determined I could only be rational 3/4 of the time. Yay me.

Tonight, I'm standing in London Drugs shopping for a get well card for Grandma. Harmless right? Wrong. I got to the point where I could barely hold back the tears. There I am, in public - a grown adult - fighting back tears. Wishing I could just curl up and let the tears flow.

I think we're all aware that I'm emotional at the best of times, but come on. That's bad even for me. I feel like I'm on the verge of an emotional breakdown. And it sucks. Because that IS NOT ME.

On the plus side for the evening, I picked up two prints for my bathroom and got "Finding Forrester" and "Guess who's coming to Dinner" on DVD. Home depot has a TV stand I like.... Now I just need money.


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