Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It's a simple word. Two letters. It stands on its own - a person simply has to say "no" and you know what they mean.

Yet it is so hard for so many people to say it. I have a problem with it. It's how I became president of my curling club (to be honest, I never thought I'd go from VP to Pres simply because I was convinced I was moving. Go figure). It's how I ended up curling in the club championships this week.

Last night I curled at 8:30pm. We lost, but I feel we could've won if I'd skipped *woo hoo....ego!* Regardless, I had originally intended to be DONE curling by this time. Yet when C asked me if I'd be willing to participate I readily agreed. J had pretty much said no because of his knee. He then reconsidered since I said yes and now we're both curling.

Yesterday, my trainer asked me if it was ok to switch my training day from Thurs to Wed to accomodate another of her clients who had an appointment. I didn't really want to, and working out two days in a row wasn't in my plans, but I accepted because I had no "real" reason to say no.

So... last night I hit the gym with my trainer, worked hard, then went off and curled a late draw. Tonight, I get to do the same. Trainer, curling, bed....exhausted.

I only have to do those things I want to do. People don't need a reason when I say "no." I just have to say it.



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