Friday, January 25, 2008

My fashion faux pas of the day

Let's face it, I'm a walking fashion disaster most days. In some ways there's the "I'm fat, no one expects better, so why bother" thing going on. Besides, being overweight, I might as well take advantage of one of the few benefits - the expectation that I'm lazy.

Mostly, it's in reaction to the lack of reasonable fashion choices for the overweight. It's clear that clothing manufacturers have no idea how a woman is shaped. Either that or once we hit a certain size, it is assumed that we are simply round. I'm not. I have a waist. In fact, I maintain a somewhat odd hourglass shape.

I went shopping at Ricki's the other day. There is a store that maintains a womanly shape, even up into it's higher sizes. They're cut larger, but with the same shape. Suit jackets that are fitted! Pants that maintain a standard leg to waist ratio! Other stores seem to assume that our legs will not grow at the same rate as our stomachs resulting in a bit of a martini glass sillouette.

So today, like so many other days, I rebel. White socks with black shoes. Yes, you heard me.


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