Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A new computer

I finally had to admit that my computer was done. Toast. while playing WoW, it was restarting itself every 5-10 minutes. Not very conducive to staying alive in that game. I'd originally written that as "randomly" restarting, but there was nothing random about it. While just surfing or running other apps, it restarted less frequently. Actually, that was much more random. My CPU was running at about 60C. Yep. Celsius. I'm surprised Tigger was keeping the spaceheater warm rather than my computer. I'm certain there was more heat coming off the computer.

So off to Memory Express we went. The weather was crappy - cold and snowy, and the streets were packed (The week after Christmas. Go figure. Sheesh people. Stop shopping for once!) Why do I mention this? Well, no reason. I'm just padding the word count. What do you mean no one counts words????

But, I digress, we headed off to the computer store. The lineup was huge. Massive. We wandered the store for a bit hoping the line would disappear. But no, it only grew longer - at least until we stepped in line. Not one person stood in line behind us. We got to the front of the line and were talking to a salesguy before anyone else queued up. (Not like I can complain. New Year's eve, I got excellent parking at a COSTCO!!!)

Regardless, we chatted with the salesguy telling him what we were doing. They had no AMD stock, so I had to settle for Intel. When asked what I use my computer for, my mind went blank. Really not much, I thought. Before I could speak, J answered for me... "WoW, a little surfing..."

Yes, I'm a geek.

But wait... I'm in a bastion of geekdom! My salesguy is not only familiar with WoW, but he's played since release. He knows my server! Many of his old guild transfered to it off another server. Don't ask me why they went from one high pop server to another, but... whatever. He has a dwarf pally, but loves gnomes. I didn't have the heart to tell him my gnome main is now retired as I switch allegiance to the horde and level a blood elf.

Uhhh...Oh god, this past year has destroyed me! I used to be a normal, average person. Not a gamer. Someone who raised an eyebrow when terms like night elf, paladin, warlock and raid were thrown around. I was above that childishness! Now I'm knee deep in it, debating whether to create a hunter, a mage or a rogue for my next character.

In other news...I don't hate pink anymore.


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