Thursday, December 06, 2007

Operation: Personal Trainer

Well, I'm underway with my personal trainer. 2x a week for... several weeks. Essentially until I hit my goal. So... Personal Trainer until Paris!

I'm really quite excited about this - unlike 1/2 of his clients on the first day. Out of 7 appointments, 3 or 4 either canceled or just didn't show up. Meanwhile I was impatient for the day to end so I could get there and get started.

Man...was that the wrong attitude. I had to stop twice in the workout. Apparently I was "hitting the wall" and it was either stop and lie down (greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat) or go throw up. I hurt for 2 days afterwards. I attacked the workout too hard and burned my energy fast. And, let's face it I'm out of shape AND I ate horribly that day.

The workout - 2 circuits of 3 exercises, completed as quickly as possible. At this point, using just body weight for all but one. It ends up combining both cardio and strength and kicks my butt. The reality: I finished 3 passes of the first circuit and had to stop partway through my first pass of the second circuit. Nowhere to go but up! Or down if you think about the scale.

Today is another training session and again I'm excited. It helps that Pete is very positive, encouraging and, of course, cute. Sorry folks, if someone's going to be whipping my butt into shape, it doesn't hurt that he's nice to look at while he's doing it. It also helps that I know what working out can do for me and I'm more than willing to put in the effort.

Now, how to get the co-workers to stop with the holiday snacks. Or even if they put them somewhere OTHER than right on the path I have to walk to get anywhere in this office! Willpower.


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