Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So.. did I do it?

Many people lose their motivation over a holiday. They stop going to the gym and eat like there will never be another ounce of chocolate produced...ever.

To tackle the first part...did I get lazy and drop the gym? Nope. I took Christmas eve off because I was in SK and the gym and trainer were a bit far away, but Christmas day, I took the dogs for a walk through the snow. I mean through the snow. Knee deep snow in the field. Pretty good workout to be honest. Tinker had to jump through the snow because she's so tiny.

The eating? I avoided the chocolate (chocolate lovers may send gifts of thanks for my not depleting world stores of the precious commodity, I'll also accept donations on my behalf to the charity of your choice), but the salt got me. Nuts, cheezies, crackers and chips. I cut back on them for the most part and limited my snacking to the big days. I still ate a little too much of that kind of thing though.

My final verdict? Continuing to hit the gym showed a commitment to getting healthier. I dropped 8 minutes off the killer workout, and 4 minutes off the medium workout. He made me jog! I may have to track down and kill the person who was on the rowing machine. Regardless, my clothes are fitting better. I feel fantastic. Stairs are easy now. I have way more energy and for the most part am making healthy choices in my diet. New Year's Eve, Jeff and I had grilled chicken, salad and baked sweet potatoes with pineapple and sugar free chocolate pudding for dessert. My weight may have remained steady, but my fitness and general health improved.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year!


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